On-Going Projects


Friends of Inharrime assists with three primary projects in Inharrime, Mozambique: a sponsorship program to provide nutritional and educational support for children, a school lunch program at the Patrici Soprani Primary School associated with the Laura Vicuña, and a program providing nutritional support for orphaned and sick infants.

In addition to on-going work in Mozambique, Friends of Inharrime gives presentations and holds discussions in the U.S. to encourage understanding of Mozambican culture and the proper role of foreigners in places like Inharrime.


School Lunches

Friends of Inharrime supports daily school lunches at Laura Vicuña Primary School. The lunches are provided by the Laura Vicuña bakery.

Together with similar organizations in Portugal, Spain, and Italy, Friends of Inharrime provides nutritional, educational, and social support for hundreds of children near Inharrime in families without access to these resources.

Infant Nutrition

Infants with failure-to-thrive are sent from Inharrime hospital to Casa Laura Vicuña to receive formula and baby food and have regular weight monitoring. Currently supported via a grant from the American Academy of Pediatrics ICATCH program.

Advocacy and Awareness

Examples of past work include presentations to university students about international volunteering, discussions with medical students about the social aspects of health and disease, and talks with elementary school students about Mozambican culture.